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Casale di Scodosia: a village rich in traditions.

Casale di Scodosia is located on the Venetian part of the Padana plain, South-West of the Euganean Hills, about 70 Km from Venice and close to the medieval town of  Montagnana.
The village of Casale settled in the prehistoric age; as it is shown by many archeological finds of the area, it has been an important settlement since the Roman time.
The name of Scodosia probably comes from the word SCULDASCIA, that was a military area of the Longobard dominion which included the village of Casale ; or maybe it comes from the very word SCODOSIA that means “place where people go to pay duties” (in ancient dialect “SCODARE EL PREDIALE” ).
For many centuries the most important occupations of the area were farming, cattle breeding and fishing (in the local canal “RABBIOSA”).
After the reclamation works and reorganization of the territory made by the Venetians, Casale became important for the hemp growing which was used to make riggings for Venetians boats.
Wood working for the production of tools, building and furniture came along as a result of the growing population and thanks to the large availability of wood of the forests along the FIUMICELLO river rich of oaks, elms, maples and      alder.
After the end of  World  War Two a strong mechanization and  industrialization along with manpower availability
took place.
Thanks to the experience of some local cabinets makers the manufacturing of classical style furniture developped and it became the main occupation of Casale inhabitants.
Hard-work, strong willing, a sense of traditions together with innovative ideas, helpful guidance of local government, opening of craft schools, better contacts between furniture manufacturers and customers of every part of the world : these are the reasons that let the furniture industry grow over the years.
Now we have more than 250 skilled companies exporting all over  the world.



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