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For over 30 years tht Sangiorgio Company has been a manufacture and dealer of classical style furniture. The company il located in the are of Padova known as the furniture district. Wood in all its different forms is used by the company for its production and the furniture is finished with nitrofiocco varnish. In a buiklding of 8.000 M2 the company Sangiorgio operates with craftsmanlike care using modern machineries and equipments.

Thanks to its facilities and skilled exerience reached with many years of doing business with some of the major european furniture seller (la redout, conforama, metro, creations, etc...). The company is able to well satisfy the furniture market.The Sangiorgio is also in cooperation with local small manufacturs so that its products can easily meet the requirements of medium and upper medium market.

The company goal is to deal with customers that like us appreciate the charm and warmth of wood in classical style furniture.


Sangiorgio srl | Via Veneto, 156 | 35040 CASALE DI SCODOSIA (PD) | tel. 0429 878094 | Fax. 0429 878998 | P. IVA 02446780286